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Florence and Tuscany Favorites

Slideshow of some of my favorite art, food, and places we visited photos of Florence, Italy.

I love this photo view of the David by Michelangelo for the emotion it captures.

Further down in the slideshow is a photo of peach gelato. The day this was taken, happened to be me and my husband’s 48th first date anniversary.

While in Florence we also discovered our favorite pizza, “Napoli” pizza topped with marinara sauce, cheese, anchovies and capers.

And I couldn’t help but notice the awesome smell coming from the Italian Leather Shops.

Favorite people we met who generously invited us for a fabulous dinner in their Tuscany home Gabriela, Leone, and their daughter Caterina. They prepared a marvelous feast followed by Caterina making our favorite dessert. They were so welcoming and treated us like family. I thought it was so special of their family to have each prepared a dish that they served.

Gabriela is a fantastic cook. She teaches cooking classes in their home. Her husband also loves to cook but Leone‘s specialty is restoring old paintings.

He gave us a tour of his studio today and we were so impressed to see how many restoration projects he is commissioned to do. These paintings are ones that hang in famous galleries and museums. He is so knowledgeable on how to restore very old paintings done on wood and ones done on canvas. It was so interesting to talk to such a master of his craft and be shown the materials he uses to restore these old paintings.

Their daughter Caterina has studied to become a tour guide and we enjoyed getting lots of travel tips from her. We have so many stories and fond memories from meeting and spending time with them.

Oh, and one more thing…they also run an Airbnb and that’s how our son Daniel’s family first met them. HIs family stayed in the section of their house that they use for an Airbnb when they were in Italy a couple

¬†of years ago. It’s such a charming Villa. I remember the pictures he had sent back from his visit their.

Here’s just a couple of the ones we took when we first arrived. We are standing in their front yard with the view of the hills of Tuscany in the background. And that tree on the right…an amazing fig tree in full bloom.



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