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Living in a Minivan throughout the USA

Just before the 2020 Pandemic hit full force I sold my RV when an opportunity presented itself for my husband and I to lease a family member’s house where I could have a garden and a large craft room again. We had sold the house we owned years ago in order to move back to California when my mother needed me to be her caregiver.

Long story short, it was too expensive for us to purchase a house in California. We ended up renting in a 55+ community. My husband enjoyed being able to play golf anytime and it was nice living resort style, so to speak, with an abundance of activities available within walking distance for both me and my mother. When she passed away I bought an RV thinking my husband and I would do more traveling together. Turns out, he had settled into a different retirement routine as a couch potato.

Anyway, back to the opportunity. We loved the house that was offered to use during the pandemic, but there was no where to store the RV. So I sold it. We lived very comfortably that year. But, once the lease was up, with the housing market booming, they decided to sell the house.

So back to the 55+ community so my husband can play golf anytime he wants and activities for me. Once the world opens up more, I would like to do more world traveling but in the meantime I needed to at least get some wheels so I can get out there to at least travel within the US for now. I could get another RV, now that I once again have somewhere to store it, but what’s the point? If my husband isn’t interested in going on road trips with me I don’t need an RV.

At first I thought getting a mid-roof Ford Transit Van would be perfect for me. But, after really considering what my travel style will be like from now on a big van wasn’t what I really wanted. I just needed a car that I could comfortably sleep in and discretely park anywhere. So I decided to purchase a minivan. I settled on a 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan mainly because I like the stow n’ go seating versatility it has.

Right now I have it set up to take a cross country trip where I will soon be heading out to spend the summer with some of my grandkids who live in Maine. Once there I will rearrange things to accommodate passengers, especially little ones in car seats so I can take my grandkids out for an ice cream cone or to the zoo or even tent camping somewhere close by. You get the point. When it’s time to hit the road again I’ll just stow the seats and reset up my van to travel in. Where it will take me or how long I will be gone, I don’t know yet. It’s just what I want to be doing right now.

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