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RVs Through the Years

About fifteen years ago our first RV was a 29′ Class C. Not wanting the expense involved with parking at different campsites overnight as we traveled, we parked in Flying J or Walmart parking lots. We weren’t towing a car and found it so inconvenient to lug such a big RV around. Driving was easy. It was just too big for our needs. I often wished we could just chop off the bedroom in the back and just sleep in the dinette area when we weren’t traveling with our family.

Then I discovered the van style Class B’s. Our first one was a 20′ Roadtrek. I loved it. Such freedom. We could park it in any regular car parking space. I hated to sell it when we moved into a retirement community.

Unfortunately, I don’t like living in a retirement community as much as my husband does and (vice versa) he isn’t interested in buying an RV to live in like I would like to.

Last year, I taught piano lessons to earn money along with saving all my social security checks for an RV. When I mentioned that I had found an RV I wanted to buy, our kids encouraged me to take some trips to Europe first. After all in our other RVs we had already traveled cross country twice to every state except Alaska and Oklahoma. So I did.

After spending four very strategic months enjoying traveling to eight different countries, by staying with host families in order to not deplete all my savings for an RV when I returned. I spend this past winter once again saving all my social security checks to recup the money I spent overseas. In March of 2019 I purchased a beautiful 22 foot 2004 R-Vision Travel Lite 236 model RV.

I considered purchasing another Class B van style RV or converting a van I could live in while on the road, but I really wanted something a little bigger that could accommodate me taking family and friends along with me occasionally on some shorter trips.

The pickings were slim for what I wanted to spend. I considered waiting until I had more money, but I just couldn’t see myself sticking around here all summer continuing to just save. I wanted to spend this summer on the road and be able to leave as soon as I return from a trip to South Korea and Japan I booked for late April and May. So I started my search. Finally I found the one I fell in love with that I could afford.

It is only slightly, (2 feet) larger than the Class B van style RVs. It’s actually considered a Class B+. Super easy to drive and although I will be taking up a little over one parking space when parking in the city, this RV will suit my traveling style a lot more than a van will now.

I am discovering quite a few FREE and LOW COST overnight parking options to check out. So far my favorite website for finding FREE parking spots at host properties is

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