Traveling the USA

Changing Direction in 2019

After traveling throughout eight different countries in 2018, I was still able to save quite a bit of the original travel money I started with.  This was only possible due to arranging my accommodations with host families I searched for using both the and the membership websites.  I have enjoyed visiting all of the overseas host families I had the pleasure of staying with.  It’s a great way for solo travelers to make their dollars not only stretch, host families are also very helpful when it comes to seeing the sights, especially the local hot spots.

Along with still wanting to continue traveling the world, in the back of my mind I was still interested in purchasing another RV to travel throughout the USA in. The idea of maybe being able stay at a host family’s location in the USA too has crossed my mind, however, I wouldn’t need to stay in their home. I would only need a place on there property where I could park my RV for overnight stays.

After purchasing my latest RV in March of 2019, I searched for free and low cost camping accommodations and discovered,  a membership community website with listings of hosts who welcome RVers to park their rigs on their property during their travels.