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In Milano, Italia we visited Maria (pictured left) who is Mike’s cousin (on his mom’s side), Maria’s older sister Tina, Tina’s husband Fosco, and Lara who is a distant niece of Fosco. (pictured right) Baby is one of Maria’s cousins, who drove us back and forth to the train station.

When Mike’s parent’s visited Milan, they took a photo in front of the¬†Duomo that we wanted to try to replicate. As you can see in the slideshow, ours doesn’t look quite as gracefully refined as there’s does.

Staying with cousin Maria made our trip to Milano extra special. We met her almost 40 years ago when she visited America. Two of our sons, Andrew and Daniel have been to Italy with their family to visit her and other family in Italy over the years and now it was our turn. Maria is the daughter of Mike’s mom’s brother Vito. Both her parents lived to be, I believe 103 (mother) and 105 (father) years old.

Walking into the house is like walking into a museum. And the great thing about not just seeing the fine China and silverware in her cabinets was actually using them everyday as if to say these are not for show, these are meant to be used, otherwise why have them. So many of the fine attributes that I admired about Mike’s mom, I saw in Maria and I feel as though her and I really bonded during our stay.

In Milano and the surrounding neighborhoods Maria took us into, we saw a mixture of old and new architecture, but more then the sights, it was spending time with family that made our stay there so special.

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