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My Profile

My motto is: “Attitude is so important!”

I aspire to “Be the Change I Want to See in the World.” I prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things and hope to one day be able to say that I have traveled around the world.

I am from the United State of America and fluently speak only English although as I travel to different parts of the world I plan to at least familiarize myself with other languages out of both respect for the culture  and to be able to communicate with people there.

I adore children. My husband and I have raised 4 children and we are now blessed with grandchildren.  We have family spread out across the globe.

My career background has been in early childhood education. I owned and operated a preschool for over 20 years, taught after school art and music programs and have since written and self-published several books ranging from children’s storybooks to caring for the elderly.

I’m a natural born teacher and entrepreneur. Having started several businesses throughout my adult life, I have worn many different hats. Some endeavors were more successful than others, but all learning experiences that I am grateful for.

I love teaching about what I know and am passionate about. Most recently I have become passionate about inspiring people to write down and publish their own stories in a book. Even if there are a thousand books on the shelf about the same subject, I believe that everyone’s voice matters and no two books will ever be written in exactly the same way.

Now retired, (figuratively speaking), I am just starting to put my travel hat on.  Two of our grown son’s, who have traveled quite a bit,  have inspired me with a desire to do too.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to take my oldest granddaughter to Paris. I loved it so much and now have my sights on traveling the world.

Although my husband and I plan to do some traveling together, he is not as interested in traveling to all the places I would like to visit.  When he chooses to stay at home, I will travel to far off lands on my own.  We are both fine with these travel arrangements.  I enjoy exploring different destinations on my own time schedule. I love living in the moment like that!

When traveling solo, I have chosen to participate in work exchange opportunities as I love being invited into local people’s homes.  For me, it’s the people that I have the good fortune of meeting, not the places along the way, that interest me the most. I would love to help in schools, participate in community projects and meet families around the world to learn more about their country, their culture and their family traditions. My hope is to have a worldwide network of friends.


I am a mature, strong, healthy, native English speaking woman from the USA.

As a gentle, patient grandmother, I can offer my hosts attentive childcare and my English speaking skills.

Having owned a home and raised a large family, I am very experienced at doing household chores, cooking,  gardening, and also small home repairs involving a hammer, screwdriver, plaster, wallpaper,  brush and paint. I enjoy gardening, planting, weeding and harvesting.

Having owned a web development company at one time I am good with computers, WordPress websites, Photoshop, and I absolutely love creating family videos from old photos. I am also willing to learn new skills.

In Closing…

I am a very easy going responsible woman. I am also self-sufficient, reliable, and trustworthy. I adapt well to different situations, respectfully step in to take care of things whenever I see a need and have always been very family oriented. I do not smoke or drink.

I welcome the chance for host families to get to know me by making myself available for an interview via FaceTime or Skype.

Thank you for your consideration in hosting me in your home.


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