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Are Household Expenses Holding You Hostage?

I’m going to throw out a little idea for you to consider…

What if I told you that aside from any at-home expenses you inevitability have, I believe anyone can travel, and travel well on less than a $1000 a month?  Mine is less than that and I am so far doing pretty well with it, with money to spare.

Listen, you have to live somewhere, I get that. But what if instead of looking at the same four walls in your house or apartment, you could look at different walls in different locations and spend the day going on a different adventures. Most people save up for these “I’m having the time of my life” vacations. Well, if that is what you want, maybe it’s time to ask yourself the following question:

What’s holding me back from being on vacation everyday?  

If you freed yourself from all the household expenses that go along with living in one place, your bills wouldn’t be holding you hostage in your home anymore.  Take a look at what it’s costing you to stay at home:

  • Utilities bills
  • A mortgage or rent payment
  • Homeowner taxes and insurance
  • Home maintenance and repair expenses

and the list goes on…

Without all those added monthly expenses you’d free up that money, which you could  use for traveling anywhere in the world that you want to go.

Some people are NOT willing to give up THINGS for EXPERIENCES, my husband being one of them. If you’re content with saving the money to take an occasional vacation, great. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, if you’re bored with the same old day in and day out existence, perhaps it’s time to make a change in your lifestyle?

I’ve been married for 49 years. I am NOT willing to leave my husband. I am just willing to leave the everyday partnership aspect of it behind if he doesn’t wish to travel with me all the time.

Even though it may seem as though we are going our separate ways, we are respecting each other’s wishes for me to travel when I want and for him to stay home or join me if and when he wants. So far it has been working out well.  I have traveled to several countries on my own. He joined me when I went to Italy and we also took a cruise to Greece during that trip. I then went on to Egypt afterwards by myself.  Since Covid has me back in the United States I am continuing to travel, mostly by myself, going on road trips throughout the United States.  I recently converted a minivan, designing it so that we can both travel in it. That’s all I can do.

I’d love to plan and go on some trips together with my husband again. But I am not willing to wait until he feels ready to travel again. He has to want to go because I will absolutely not drag him along if he would rather stay home.

The way that I have worked this out in my mind is that if I am going to be living independently on the road like this or throughout the world like this, I need to be using money that I am entitled to. That being said, I am talking about social security, along with the money I worked for and saved myself for my travels. I keep that money in a special account for myself and mostly live on my social security check. Like I said in the beginning, it is less than $1000. I bought my own car for traveling. I pay for my own gas and car insurance and all related travel expenses. To me that seems fair. Currently I am also working towards saving for a trip to Alaska for us both to go on together.  It’s a goal I have set for what I plan to use the money I am earning by publishing youtube videos on my travel grandma channel.  I believe I can still accomplish so much, not only for myself, but for us both.

Sure, even though I believe that household expenses are holding my husband hostage it doesn’t mean that I have to let those things hold me hostage too. It’s my life. I only live once.


 It’s your life.
You only live once.


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